Do vehicles come with roadworthy certificates?

Ex-Military vehicles auctioned by Australian Frontline Machinery do not have roadworthy certificates. State vehicle regulations and laws change frequently, and we cannot provide advice on a vehicle's roadworthiness or what is required to make a vehicle roadworthy in your State or Territory. We suggest checking with your State Vehicle Registry Office. 

If you are a winning bidder at our ex-Military auctions, you can apply for temporary registration if the vehicle meets road and traffic authority required guidelines. You will be required to apply for temporary registration for each state you are driving the vehicle through. You will not be able to drive the vehicle off-premise unless supporting documentation is provided to Pickles auction staff.

More information:
  • We no longer offer vehicles that have roadworthy certificates.
  • All previous vehicles that were issued roadworthy certificates were by an authorised inspection station and met the standards set by the Road Maritime Services for issuance of a roadworthy certificate. We always recommend servicing any vehicle prior to commencing any journey a vehicle.
  • All previously vehicles that were issued roadworthy certificates indicated the safety of a vehicle at a particular point in time and is not a warranty or guarantee of future performance.

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